Tie an Office 2007 Ribbon…

Credit’s still a-crunching in bank-land, although for once it’s just possible that I find myself in a relatively secure part. But I’ve felt secure in the face of crisis before: wrongly as it transpired, so we’ll see.

I can’t say I was ever much of a fan of the rather clunky way in which we used VBA to add and extend menus, toolbars and (in particular) categorise user functions (who’d have thought we’d still be calling Excel 4 macros in the 21st century?).

But xlUnit needs to expose its (minimal) UI into Excel 2007 in an appropriate fashion, so I need to bite the bullet and figure out how to tie me a ribbon. in Office Fluent UI. Gulp.

It’s times like these that turn a grumpy old man’s thoughts to How-tos. I need some step-by-step FLuent UI For Dummies education. Google time. Oho – MSDN have Office 2007 Visual How Tos. How convenient. Time to save a draft and peruse…

Let’s start with Adding Custom Buttons to the 2007 Office Fluent User Interface. Ooh, a video. Doesn’t work. And the XML is nonsense. And to be honest, for the first time in well over a decade I don’t actually have a Microsoft development environment loaded on my laptop – and I don’t seem to be missing it. There must be an easier way. Back to Google.

Now this is more like it. Run a little utility to insert the XML – and the example code is valid this time – and hook up to a VBA routine. Not only that, but it explains how the process works so that you can work without the utility completely.

WIth the buttons and bows taken care of, I’d better take a step back and figure out what’s got to go on them…

2 Responses to Tie an Office 2007 Ribbon…

  1. jonpeltier says:

    Get yourself this book:

    RibbonX – Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon
    by Robert Martin, Ken Puls, and Teresa Hennig.

    It’s very well written, and has a lot of useful examples. There are also a number of web sites with Ribbon-related information, but this book has it all in one place. (And on a cost-per-pound basis, it’s also relatively inexpensive.)

  2. mikewoodhouse says:

    Crikey, a whole book?

    OK, ordered. I hope the affiliate link worked (I switched from .com to .co.uk)

    But golly, a book. About configuring a toolbar. Golly.

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