If it’s Thursday…

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One of my activities on a Thursday is to charge my nifty little MP3 player and load it up with the week’s batch of commute-time podcast listening material.

Beyond Excel, I’m interested in most things within the Agile programming camp, Ruby (on and off Rails), a little bit of .Net here and there and well, computer stuff.

I don’t (won’t) have an iPod or use iTunes, so I have to download stuff as it turns up in Google Reader. Not a huge imposition.

These are what tends to get listened to regularly:

Rails Envy: Weekly, about 15 minutes long and mostly about Rails and Ruby, it’s also funny enough to be worth listening to if you don’t have any interest in the technology. Maybe. “We ain’t got no rspec” (#38) is destined to become a great Ruby catch-phrase. If a programming language can have catch-phrases and in-jokes, that is.

Stackoverflow: Weekly, about an hour, this is usually a rambling conversation between Joel “on Software” Spolsky and Jeff “Coding Horror” Atwood. Up to #25 now (linked) and the most recent included Steve Yegge of Google, who is usually worth attention. I’d say the podcast is starting to find its feet of late as the proponents become more comfortable with the medium.

FLOSS Weekly: Regular hour or so interviews with various open-source luminaries. I don’t listen to them all, but I’ve enjoyed the ones with the original author of Audacity, Simon Phipps of Sun, Ward Cunningham (father of Wikis) and D. RIchard Hipp (SQLite) among others.

Rubyology: You’d think after 71 podcasts, the guy in charge would have sorted out the frequently dodgy audio levels, but apparently not. If you can stand the ropey sound, there’s a reasonably high standard  of Ruby-related content.

Herding Code: Four guys talking about programming topics with some bias towards Microsoft platforms, sometimes with a guest or two. Not the first one I dial up, if I’m honest, but it ticks along nicely in the background.

Not me, I get on at Cannon Street

Not me, I get on at Cannon Street

Fighting Talk: Nothing about computers that I’ve noticed, just a funny sports-oriented panel show from BBC radio, that I tend to miss when broadcast due to the requirement to be ferrying children to various weekend engagements. I hope no-one on the train thinks my occasional inane grin is directed at them.

I don’t listen to anything about Excel – I couldn’t find anything useful. Shouldn’t there be some kind of advanced Excel show? God knows there ought to be an audience for it. Maybe with a banjo theme tune?

3 Responses to If it’s Thursday…

  1. ross says:

    Hi Mike, I would be interested in chatting to you… particularity about testing Excel & VBA and your addin, maybe a bit about stack/o/f your based in the UK right? If you fancy it drop me a line (rossmclean@gmail.com),

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