A Long Time Dead

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I realised just now that Visual Basic1 went from 1.0 to 6.02 in about 7 years and stopped progressing 11 years ago. Even so, if I needed to do some COM automation work in an EXE, it’s still the tool I’d reach for, assuming I could locate my old Visual Studio 98 CD-ROMS, that is.

So by now VB’s pretty much been end-of-life longer than it’s been, er, life. Golly. It really is time Microsoft came up with a viable alternative. What I can figure out about VSTA doesn’t fill me with excitement, that’s for sure. VSTO, for the power-user at least (emphasis on “user”) still looks even worse. Neither offers, as far as I can see, any route for legacy VBA code, which is, I suppose, why VBA is still expected to be around for the foreseeable future.

Still, for the little it’s probably worth, we now have Make Office Better, within which we can rant about such importances. The buzz following its appearance seems to suggest that Microsoft still have some way to go. I am looking forward to sparklines in Excel 2010 though…

Mmmmm, sparklines...

Mmmmm, sparklines...

1 (the “classic” one, not the impossibly confusing – to a still-active VBA user)
2 did we ever get a point release? I can’t remember any, although some of the ActiveX stuff did get service-packed.

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