harrylillis.com would probably have been cheaper

Putting 2 and 2 together, Jeff Atwood appears to have paid* a fairly large (to me) sum to acquire the superuser.com domain. I wonder how much Microsoft paid for bing.com?

I switched my default search engine to Microsoft’s new beta search engine yesterday. Today I switched back to Google. Not that bing was all that bad – to be honest I couldn’t see much difference between what it gave me and what I see from Google. The background picture, which I guessed was of some Greek island yesterday (it’s somewhere different, but similarly attractive today) was certainly pleasant.

The killer was that after Firefox (3.0.10) reported that the page load was “Done” (and the results certainly seemed to be present) there was a delay – during which time FF froze completely – of about 12 seconds, after which my browser shook itself and woke up.

I don't need to search to find Microsoft being annoying...

I don't need to search to find Microsoft being annoying...

Bing could be the best search engine in the world ever and I’d still not use it if that delay were present. I can’t believe it occurs for all users for all browsers but I’m only me and I prefer FireFox. It could be some interaction with one or more of my – fairly standard – plugins. Maybe I’ll try it again when the beta is done.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.

* Unless of course he was tweeting about another one, which is entirely possible.